Copy securom 7 w/o emulation using guide

Trying to backup a securom 7 cd w/o emulation by following philambers step by step guide. I am using Alcohol 120% 1.9.6 (Build 5429) and A-Ray Scanner (TwinCreator)

Everything seems to work well until I use Alcohol 120% to burn the Twincreator based “patched.mds” on a blank CD-R (also tried CD-RW). The burn msg is “Not enough space for writing process (CD)”. After some research, I found the reason is probably due to Alcohol 120% reporting the twincreator based image track length as zero even though the image size is 424k.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is occuring?

Thanks in advance…vsdotnetguy

You followed this philamber’s advice in Step 18?

Thanks kalas, yes I did choose the first option: “Keep TOC as on source CD, write until end of image file (recommended)”. So this option is the one that should ignore the 0 length of the track and burn anyway? Any other ideas why this would happen? TIA…vsdotnetguy

I created a lot of twinpeak copies using the same method which philamber describes in his guide. You’re sure you didn’t miss anything maybe you check it step by step again and if you don’t want to waste a CDR use a CDRW.