Copy screws up



I have made a lot of copy’s from my sisters DVD’s and they start off working good but then 1 hour into the movie it starts locking up and freezing. Can you tell me what is causing this. Death Sentence, A Mighty Heart, The Game Plan just a few to name. I have tried a few computers to copy this on and they both do the same.

Any Help


The 2 most common causes for the problems you’re having are:

  1. Poor quality or poorly compatible media (most likely the former)
  2. Inappropriate burn speeds…usually too fast.

You didn’t give us any details, but my money is on the poor quality media.
Tough to go wrong with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media.

Please post a burn log, hopefully, this will tell the tale.

The default location is:
C:\Documents and Settings[I]Administrator Name[/I]\My Documents\DVDFab\Log


Where can I get those DVD’s from


[QUOTE=gatorbeat;1999959]Where can I get those DVD’s from[/QUOTE]
Hi gator…don’t know where you are, but I take it down around GA - FLA…:doh::bigsmile:

Verbatim is easy…all the big brick and mortar retailers…BestBuy, Circuit City, Wallyworld, Sam’s Club, etc., and more than likely Office Max, Staples, etc.
Can also get 'em online…Newegg,, Supermediastore,, Rima, Micro Center, etc.,…

Taiyo Yuden only online.

Like I said, post a burn log…it’ll have your burner, firmware, burn speed, MID (media ID…not just the “brand” name), and some settings as well as any error codes…:wink: