Copy safedisc cd without crack (tell me your methods!)



I tried to burn a safedisc protected game without crack but for me it only worked with duplicator the method of swenske with reading the cd and having running the crack didn’t work for me .
So now tell me your methods please!!!


try cdrwin
copy with ignore read errors @ 1 speed
play the game with safedisk running in the taskbar
make sure you have the right safedisk patch running


I made copy of Starsiege (Safedisc-protected) with DiscJuggler, and with both CD’s I used same options.

Funny thing is that CD1 needs Safedisc patch, but CD2 doesn’t. Both CD’s include those Safedisc files.

So, I think that it’s more about how lucky you are when making copy than using right software with right reader/burner.



anyone got a burner which can create real errors using cdrwin or nero ,so that no crack is neede to play?
or a special thing i must do like starting the crack and then reading the cd
i tried that but then there is an aspi error


I managed to copy Prince of Persia 3D (cd2)which is protected with safedisc. I used duplicator and I don’t need the laxity crack. This was my first succesfull safedisc copy, but with duplicator it’s real easy.


Ofcourse as many of us know CloneCD does that job, but that’s probably not what you wanna know.
Duplicator seems to work sometimes.
Another method I have used in the past is searching for the right cracked execute file. Then just copy the contents of the cd to your hd in an temp directory and overwrite the execute file with the cracked one. After that you burn it to a cd-r.
Now you have a working copy and will never have to use a crack in future copies.
Ok this involves using a crack but only 1 time!



Download CloneCd at



I’ve always used BlindRead 3 to rip the image from the CD and then CDR-WIN to burn it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right hardware to use CloneCD otherwise that’s what I’d use.

Just throwing my bit in!



for most safedisc games, i use clonecd, but since it doesn’t work for everyone, here’s some more ideas:

blindread + fireburner (if you can write errors)

get a crack (

psxcopy 6.2 (can do some games that are audio/data good)

but copying safedisc games is NOT a matter of luck. it just depends what settings you use in the software, most will be similar to “ignore errors, retry 10 times, read RAW, and so on…” also, you dont need to write at only 1x or 2x or anything, that makes ABSOLUTLY no difference at all.

just because it is writing slower, it is still writing the same data, so…