Copy Question

Ok lets say you have an archived disc… if you were to re-archive the already archived disc would the picture and sound quality be exactly the same or would you lose some in both categories?

If files are identical, then both quality will be identical also.

this archive would not be off of files it would be off of an already archived disc

Sorry for my bad english, but I don’t understand.

A disc contain files. If files that you copy from a disc are exactly the same of files that you write on another disc, then both discs will be identical.

Or maybe you are referring to a write protected disc, like a game or similar?

no i am referring to a disc that has already been copied. so i would be making a copy of a already copied disc not of the files. i no longer have the actual audio/video files just the copied disc created from them…

As I said, if you copy exactly all files the second disc will be identical to the first.

However, if you don’t have anymore the original, are you sure that this is legal?

ya its a home movie i just wasnt sure if any quality was lost when going disc to disc thanks 4 the help.

You’re welcome.

If this disc is homemade, anyway should be the same of any DVD, i.e should contain some IFO, BUP, and VOB files.

You need only to copy these files on your harddrive and then burn onto a disc.

dvd is a digital back-up, as Geno rightly said, if you can rip the archive disc, no scratches, thumbprints etc…the new backup should be a mirror image of your archive, if it has not decayed.

not like a copy of a copy of a copy analog. :slight_smile:

@geno…your english is fine friend…:slight_smile:

In the digital world, 1:1 copies either fail, or are exactly identical, byte for byte. Just like when you copy a word document from your HD to a CD or a diskette. Video files are not different, they’re only files.

There is no degradation associated to copying digital data. If the media itself degrades, there can be difficult to read, or plain unreadable sectors, but in the latter case you simply cannot perform the copy.

Successful copy? Identical data. :cool:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

What complicates matters slightly is the copy protection on newer video DVD’s, and the fact that all Video DVD’s need to be decrypted in the first place.

BUT, that aside, all DVD’s are 100% digital. All copies are 1:1, 100% identical.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In this forum I learned a lot on optical devices, but in living room I learned also a little bit of english language :bigsmile: