Copy ps2 games

hi :slight_smile: if i want to copy a ps2 game do i have to copy it on a dvd disk or normal disk (i have a mod chip in my ps2) and what program do u reccomend me to use :stuck_out_tongue:

about 98% oof the PS2 games are dvd so you have to use dvd+ or -R’s

I use dvd decrypter to backup all my games, but there are other various programs that can make backups.

DVD Decrypter… Mode->ISO READ, then Mode->ISO WRITE.

Use whichever kind of disc it’s ON. If it’s on a CD, then you can just use Nero or anything else to do a disc copy. :wink:

Check to see how big the game is. It’s an exaggeration to say that 90% of PS2 games are DVD. Perhaps 60% are. But a good percentage aren’t. The latest Crash Bandicoot game was an uber-compressed CD.

i tried to back up ps2 games with the above method using dvddecrypter and when i tried to use the (- R) disk in the ps2 console it would not load , the disk whirred and clicked but nothing happened and i had to reset the console , i tried the method with several games with no sucess

Umm… ok, two thoughts:

  1. How old is your PS2? Older ones just don’t read burnt discs.

  2. What kind of chip do you have? Many require an altered boot procedure. My Apple chip, for example, requires, that I hold down the button until the screen goes dark in order to boot backups.

its an old ps2 about 3/4 years old ( maybe more) i don’t know what mod chip is in it, as it was already done when i brought the console it must be an old one as you have to do the “disk swop” thing with it,to get back up ps2 cds to work, i use an ar2 disk game cheat to get them to work, ( boot up) the cd ones work fine but no joy with the back up dvd though, wont even load using the AR2 " boot"disk

i know with some of the games u have to try different boot up procedures ( such as holding in the power button then putting the AR2 boot disk in then when u select “start without codes” the boot disk ejects and u have to put your backup disk in when the tray ejects then let go of the power button.) tried that no joy yet again

which medias are you using? My PS2 (v6) needs nearly perfect burned -r discs to work without problems. Try high quality media.

If you have a good modchip ‘Matrix Infinity or DMS4’ then your golden and you shouldn’t have any problems playing games.

Then you can also use ‘HDloader + memory card xploit’ and play games on your PS2 Hardrive coping games from your pc 2 ps2 hdd.

Backup games I use Alcohol 120% for DVD/CD games. Burn at 2x speed, using good media or some generic work fine for me like the 'Sonic 4x @ less then 22 cents per dvd-r.

Oh Christ.

Ok, let’s cover some things.

  1. If you have to “disc swap” just to get CD’s to work… then you may or may not be able to play DVD-R games AT ALL regardless of the laser. Sounds like an old Neo chip, maybe even OLDER. This chip is ancient.

  2. The machine is likely ancient as well. If the chip in it is that bad, and it’s that old, the odds of successfully reading anything but the most amazingly good magical -R media is… well slim. That’s being generous.

Lets start with the very basic. Go to this link and tell us what version PS2 you got.

currently using Data Safe “classic” disks burning using dvdecrypter at 4x

i dont have to use disk swop for ps1 cds just the ps2 ones like i said my ps2 console is a few years old , so i guess the mod chip is just as old, if i cant back up dvd games that will play on it then thats fine, but it points out the fact that some ppl DO still have older machines, that do still work and are happy with the machine thay have , may be this will just point out that this back up method may not work, for their “older” machine. I never said the method did not work i said it did not work for my particular console, and there may be ppl out there that still have these older models,

" we are not all experts thats why we ask questions"

thanks all the same but i think that if it won’t work by now theres no point going through the process again,and as some one said maybe the console wont read copies, and may be “ancient " as some one unkindly said but it works in every other respect so as long as it keeps working, plays origional games and the back ups i have i am ok with that, i don’t see the need to change my ps2, or mod chip if the one i got is working and do’s what i want it to do
" if it aint broke don’t fix it”

thats fine no problem, if it don’t work for me then i won’t worry over it maybe there are other ppl out there it wont work for either,it proves that not everything will work for everyone, i just pointed out for me the method didnt work, in saying that i find the tone of this reply to be impatient and frankly insultive to ppl who are NOT experts and are just asking questions that to you the answers may be simple but to ppl who don’t know the answers may seem complicated.

"i thought this website was meant to help ppl with their questions and problems i didnt force you to reply "

Don’t be insulted. I was brusque not insulting. :slight_smile:

Please, tell us what version your PS2 is. You might yet be able to get away with a flip top or usb key or something.

Also, have you tried playing a burnt MOVIE to see if that plays? That’d tell you if the laser will read your media or not. :slight_smile:

if you have the old neo chip what you might have to do is when your disk tray is going back in with the copied dvd-r give it a little push so it shuts properly and it should work. thats what i had to do with my old neo. and try burning at a slower speed.hope it helps

thanks for your help tried that with the tray, but no joy maybe i’ll try to copy at 2 x the console will play burnt dvd movies ( -r format)so i am assumingi f it plays movies it should play back up dvd games…?

i DO NOT require your “assistance” thank you all the same !, as the opening on this forum says “we were all newbies once” maybe some ppl need to remember that. I was making a comment about the method not working for me NOT asking YOU for help but that aside a THANKYOU to those ppl here who have been kind (and patient) enough to offer help,

i took a look at the back of mine i see a plate that says Pal model SCPH3004 and the serial number under that comparing it to those pics on the website it looks like mine is a really old old model ps2 console?

Wow. You’ve managed to get offended, AND refuse some help. Astonishing. So why, praytell, did you even POST IN HERE?

Here’s the situation:

You have a V4. V4’s are really touch-and-go as to whether they’ll play burnt media. Chipping V4’s sometimes DECREASES their media compatibility. :frowning:

Like I said, try playing a burnt movie in your PS2. Use the same media you normally would use to backup a game. If that works, then you could try any number of methods to mod the PS2.