Copy ps2 dl dvd to sl dvd

Heyy peeps,

could someone help me with backing up gran turismo 4 for the playstation 2 on 2 single layer dvds?


you cant do it m8. you cant even copy it to a d/l and get it to work. but i could be wrong.

There is a way to backup granturismo 4, if you’ve final4/dms3 modchip with an update usin ToxicBios, it should be able to read DVD-9, but like i said on a DL Disc. Also there’s a
new chip final5, it should support DL discs, too!

You can’t burning it onto the dual layer media because of the PTP/OTP problem. You can patch it or if you have a mod chip that will work to. I don’t know if I can post the patch here or not. The swap disk method can work also.

Patch info file says
s many of you are probably aware, the PS2 has problems running DVD9 games
backed up onto dual layer media due to to problems reading from the second
layer. This is because the data format on burnt DL discs is different than on
pressed discs (burnt = OTP, pressed = PTP). However, we have discovered a
software hack which allows the PS2 to read even burnt OTP discs resulting in
working dual layer backups.

If you do patch the image try this method:

  1. Create an image with Nero/DVD Decrypter etc on your HDD.
  2. Patch with toxic patcher.
  3. Burn to disk with Nero/DVD Decrypter.

Try this method if you don’t have DL discs

As i understand you, i don’t need to waste money on a new chip, like i said which supports DVD-9

You don’t need a new mod chip as far as I can tell. You can back up the game using a number of ways. It is a lot easier with the patch as you get a 100% backup easly using DVD9 discs. You can use TMPGEnc to downsample the movies and get a 100% DVD-5 backup.Go here

Meanwhile i found it the toxic duallayer patcher, i’ve read about it, very easy thing! Toxic rules :bow: :bow:

can some1 step by step say how to bur game which is on 1 DL DVD … to 2 DVD SL ?? i dont understand that whast is up =/ (sorry for ignorance)

As far as I know you can’t backup a DL disc to two SL discs. There are guides for ripping too one SL disc only and patching for DL copies.
@rapid fire
Please post if you get it working m8.

I’ll try it today after work, i’ll let you know

Thx now i understand it clearly :slight_smile:

Ok i tried it and it doesn’t work, but it was my fault i’ve burned the mds file not
the patched iso. Tomorrow i’ll get more DL discs, but one thing more, why
dvddecrypter wouldn’t let me to import the ISO file, it select always the mds

AFAIK, an mds is a lot like a cuesheet. It should select that. It isn’t really useful in most situations (like this one, it’s just pointing to the iso file), but if you, say, don’t have an NTFS partition and need to write a DVD image >4GB, it would contain information about all the parts, then loading the mds would inform DVD Decrypter of all the parts it would need to burn.