Copy protections used on audio CDs are worthless

I just posted the article Copy protections used on audio CDs are worthless.

Alien_X used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on the New Scientist website. It describes some of the technique’s used on copy-protected audio CDs and how manufacturers could easily…

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“Reduce the cost of new CDs; if discs cost only a few dollars each, buying them might be preferable to spending the time and effort to make copies or find them online.” I like this Halderman guy! :4

I wonder when the industry is going to get a clue and switch over to DVD-Audio. Probably never, but what the hey…

Here is a work around that they can’t stop. Run a cable from your stereo / cd player out of the units headphone jack to your sound cards input jack, and just copy away…They can’t stop us…POWER TO THE MASSES (that’s us guys…come on yell it out with me). By the way, I stopped buying cd’s along time ago. Back when the group Metalica was whining like BITCHES how there sales are going down due to there songs being swapped on Napster. That’s my 2 cents…Love it or Leave it!

mbasidiq If you just just record it from the output, you will loss all the stereo effect. Although you can remaster each channel but it is really a pain in the a$$. Better to d/l a high quality one than DIY if you do not have some good equipments at home.

i tried 5 different cd’s with there own kind of cd protection, some are not bad, however the most famous work around is of course ripping? you just rip the sound as wav format, encode it to a high quality mp3 pro, and store it away, i done this with all 5 copy protections. it works eery time, i thinks they should stop wasting there time on copy protections all togeather because i know many people what doit this way, so whats the point in trying to stop the copying process, because lets just say they did manage to creat a protection what stopped you from copying once and for all, people will just resort to doing this way, or think of another way around it, why can’t these music companies just give in and sell there music at a reasonable price, as this would solve the problem completely, also i wonder how much of the price of the music cd goes towards copy provention, 5 years ago not much, however these days, it’s a entirly new story, why can’t they just again stop the research and bring down the price of the music cd to corrospond to the saving on what they make back from this.

preacherboy is right…

I’m unsure about this. But if you have a CD or DVD player with optical/SPDIF out can’t you just send that to an SPDIF input on a soundcard and record digital PCM that way? I am sure most CD/DVD players ignore any copy protection flags in the audio stream.