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I just posted the article Copy protections reviewed at Tomshardware.

I Yearn to Burn used our newssubmit to tell us that the well know site: Toms Hardware Guide has written an article about backing up protected CDs.

On our site you will find a lot of…

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Rubbish. No CDRW drive manufacturer in the world will stop their drive making backups. You’d lose all your sales!

It seems he ‘borrowed’ some of this from CD Freaks:

It uses a so-called ‘EFM Encoder’ for this. Regular bit patterns go through the EFM Encoder and are converted to a smaller value by converting bits to bytes (8 bit = 1 byte) in a pre-determined way. Protection schemes such as Safedisc 2 operate by trying to overload the EFM Encoder of the writer using ten sector groups, which causes the CDRW drive to lose synch and write the wrong (irregular) bit patterns.
This is exactly copied from a CD Freaks article. I doubt that they are both quoting some ‘official’ source, since it isn’t true!

lol, tom sucks intel’s ****.

This article kickz azz not really because of good, new or intresting content BUT this is a BIG site that gives Plextor a ‘bad’ name for bein worse then a CHEAP brand like lite-on in some aspects hopefully this will be a reason for plextor to make better drives in the future… btw: is that TAGES copyprotection REALLY not copyable?

One red flag that I see is: Why is Tom getting a “fail” when he tries to copy SD 2.51 using the Lite-On and CloneCD? I’ve never tried it myself, but I heard that it should work fine (without AWS)!?! What’s going on?

Mastakilla, No copy protection is “uncopyable”. It just takes time for the copy protection to be cracked, and the news to be released to the world. Just wait and see.

tages is certainly not copyable as a 1 to 1 copy but it certainly can be cracked also theres another protection that can not be perfectly backed up at this stage and that is starforce protection but both are not widly use at all the only game i know that uses tages is MR3 and is easily cracked and given time it will be defeated by someone :d

spc: Should I send you my 1:1 CD-R with Motoracer3?:wink: Those who still don’t believe Tages is copyable - visit FantomCD site and read their development journal. It is a question of making correct dump only - otherwise it is one of the easiest protections to burn.

“Why is Tom getting a “fail” when he tries to copy SD 2.51 using the Lite-On and CloneCD?” Maybe he tried to play the backup from a CD-RW drive without having Hide CD-R media enabled? :smiley:

well venom dont know what your on but they fantom cd dont even know what protection is on mr3 as different regions report different protections on this game some releases dont have any protection at all maybe yours was one of those hey im not saying it cant be done just havent heard or seen anyone do it yet on any disc with TAGES protection. But i do know that the one i had was tages and i could copy it in many ways but it wasnt PERFECT. So if you know something i would love to know it greets :7

oh i forgot to include fantoms page for this game game_database.htm :4

Do you think I am complete idiot and cannot tell the protection on CD?:wink: I have seen alredy 2 versions of Tages protection - german version of Motoracer3 and U.S version (which is BTW sold in Taiwan too). All of them have been backuped fine. What concerns FantomCD I told you to read development journal written by its developer and not some database.

who said you were a complete idiot not me maybe you should read again because as i said have yet to see it for my self and i also said i never believed it couldnt be done so if you know something that we dont why dont you just share it :7 :d

You don’t realise who you are arguing with there do you spc?

huh huh huh Motoracer 3 u say.

U ppl dont know shit. If motoracer CD is cppprotect wt Tages howcome i have a ilegal CD I bought for 2 euros. Bulgaria rulez. CloneCD sucks. Anyone want a copy?