Copy Protection


I am a newbie to this forum and would really like to know more about CD software protection.

I have got an old game that I bought couple of years ago-Escape from Monkey Island in which I got the chance to play now.

To my horror, even on a new machine today, the game plays horribly slow. The system is constantly reading and accessing the CD and causes pauses and jerks in the animation.

I tried a couple of patches, but they have side-effects. One of them replaces the game screen with their own created one (Timmy, if I recalled).

Can anyone recommend how I can remove the Cd-check? I have downloaded the patch from Lucasarts but it did not work. I think the protection software is from Securom…

Thanks and with best regards,

Using patches to remove CD-Check, other than the official update patches from the software developer, are illegal and thus discussing that is not an option on this forum.

What you might do is make use of virtual CD drive, there are several programs out there that can do it (Daemon Tools for example). That way you create an image on your hard disk and play from there, it should speed things up considerably.