Copy protection

ok guys i have a data cd which i intend to give to my friend ,i have used copy protections available free on the net and created plenty of bad sector files in the ISO image…ok…
Now to the point my friend has a samsung cdrw 48x24x48 which i have heard cannot do EFM correctly so will he be able to copy my cd??? using clone …
If yes then will all the files(good files not the bad sector files) on the cdrom be copied correctly or will the samsung with cause some errors on the good files while copying and make them bad(thats just what i want)

>cannot do EFM correctly so will he be able to copy my cd??? using clone …

Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns is required when large Digital Sum Values are created by the sector patterns construction - that is, they don’t accord with the EFM look-up table in the writer’s chipset. So, if your sector patterns do this, you’re home and hosed…except for AWS, bypass EFM, Autoplay and so on. You’ll just have to check

ok man tell please tell me if a samsung 48x24x48 cd rw can do a safedisk 2.51+ or 2.9 backup correctly…:confused: :rolleyes:

Nope. You’ll need Bypass EFM, CloneCD AWS or some such trick

ok heres my idea i downloaded the the writer sheep count testing program(the one which creates those safedisk types files to test if the writer is a two sheep or three sheep writer):bigsmile:

i have burnt a cd containing software and a few (abt 50) of those safedisk 2.9 files (created by the sheep program) on to a CDR.

if i give this disk to a freind of mine will he be able to copy it(clone cd …etc)…:confused:
if yes then will all files be correctly copied, he has CloneCD software but has only the default profiles(DATA CD, PROTECTED CD etc)…

I have a liteon 52327s
Friend has a Samsung 48x24x48 or maybe a Samsung Combo 48X24X48X16
please reply:bow: :bow: :bow:

>if i give this disk to a freind of mine will he be able to copy it
>(clone cd …etc)…

Most likely

“Mr FutureProof”
any ideas how to protect a data cd…
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Starforce? Maybe ask AtomicX…

Starforce? Maybe ask AtomicX…

where do i find them???:confused:

I ain`t sure about this . but I think you have to pay money to the company for Star Force protection being used on the cd. visit to know about the protection

AtomicX is also here on the forums.
Yes Starforce would probably cost lots of money.

AtomicX responds to the forums of his copy protection software here:

There was 1 thing I read that was protected and manipulated in such a way that even CCD wouldn’t be able to make a copy.
[don’t know if it’s true ask around there]
Otherwise the software does a fine job at copy prevention from other than CCD software.

What is it you are trying to protect? Audio? Data? Maybe if you elaborated more ideas could come about from more members.

Hope the link helps…Good Luck :slight_smile:


data cd my friend