Copy protection



I am posting this thread because it seems that this crucially important area doesnt have its own slot. As I see, the membership here will comprise various factions
a) The outright copyier/hacker/cracker - say no more I am not making judgements here
b) The back up copyier who demands the right to maintain a copy of a legitimately purchased original - self explanatory
c) The author who is seeking some way for encouragement and reasonable recompense without having his hard work completely trashed by pirates.

I am an emergent vcd producer seeking to promote interactive educational material for use in schools and industry. Ive got all the right material but what inhibits me is that I cannot confidently market my wares without the certainty that my painstaking work will be copied and so destroy my market. I have heard of safedisc and securerom but these seem like a very expensive option for my little enterprise.

The thread on DOOM 3 Protection in the general forum had a lot of good comment from the various factions.
It also concluded that your work can never be safe from the professional pirate. I dont believe that my work will interest the pirates at all but I would like to be able to deter the casual copyist and to overcome the objections of legitimate back copyist I would offer a no quibble exhange of a faulty disc by return for the first year (cost of express p&p thereafter).

Anyone out there any ideas for basic cd copy protection (I wonder how many other authors are in the same boat?)


Hopefully this link will help you out a bit: