Copy Protection

Hi… this is my first post. You see, I have this CD that I want to protect… I know there are many methods for preventing the CD from being copied by software, but is there a method/program to prevent someone from copying stuff on the CD to their HD? Thanks.

is this audio or data? for audio, use ccd-lock. for data i guess you can try tz copy protection.

for TZ:

google search ccd-lock

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Thanks… yea, it is data. And I did look around the forum, but I didn’t find anything real specific for preventing CD to HD copy… and I do have both CCD and TZ… but do these prevent HD copy?

How about EFMGame that weak sector generator.

Just keep in minmd, even if you will find a great program to prevent cd to cd copy, or cd to hdd copy, there will always be a reader that can do it. Nobody checks how well their software does against every brand and model of cd-rom. From my experience, there is always a fluke and a way around copy protection. If you aim to prevent the average user from copying, then try all of the suggested methods here. Just keep in mind its never full proof.

Yes, that’s true… But really, my audience is not skilled enough to remove simple protection. I’m gonna use TZ (I was gonna use the CCD+TZ method at but CCD can’t do data, so I found this method to be a little odd) and another program I found called CDSHiELD SE to prevent HD copying. Thanks for the help.