Copy protection

Nothing works… I´m about to give up now!!

did you try a clean install? of windows i mean

and did you try easy cd-da creator??

I´m downloading it now. And what do you mean with clean install?

completely format your harddisk and install everything fresh

Didn´t work with easy audio. And I won´t try reinstall windows again right now… I´m tired of that!

I think we´ll start all over again,what´s your os?Aspi?We know your burner and reader,perhaps there is something else with your set-up you can tell us?/gs.

I´ve got Win Xp pro and service pack 1. Tell me what aspi is?? And it didn´t work with easy cd-da creator…

Here and here you can read what ASPI is/dl it.I run 98:bigsmile: se and am not good at what ASPI layer you should have for xp, but I am sure there is many others here who are willing to tell ya´ ´bout that./gs.

aspi 4.60…or aspi_xp will do

You could use this to check what(if) ASPI you have and then use Force ASPI to mount the new(if needed)./gs.

And how can I see what aspi I have?

Yeah it looks like I need force aspi… downloading it now! :cool:

Right on,right on!/gs.

Now I´ve got that 4.6 and the noise are still there…:frowning:
The songs sounds good for 5,5 sec and then there´s that noise in the background for 5,5 sec, then it sounds good for 5,5 sec and so on…

try to re-install the drivers of your soundcard

Rip the songs once more with ASPI-layer 4.60/gs.

I want to thank all of you for the help I´ve recived here. And I´ll be back after “midsommarfirandet” g/s know what I mean :bigsmile:

Good god I know,silly swedes dancing around a pole covered with flowers singing ´bout small frogs,and nobody gets here through(!),and a lot of dillsnaps and sill and…:Z…
:bigsmile: Have a nice one Spookrajder!/gs.


have fun dancing girl…grin


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :Z :confused: /gs.