Copy protection

Is there a software to get around this? I´ve downloaded everything but no luck. I just get some noise if I rip or copy the cd. It´s from Columbia records by the way. Plz help!!

This must be a hot subject…

Is this cd actually called “Copy Protection” or could you supply us with some more details about the cd (you own) you want to copy ?

It´s a 2 cd made by Sony music entertainment in 2002. Magnus Uggla is the artist. “Can not be played on PC/Mac” can be read both on the CD and on the cover.

what cd reader do you use…and what software did you try??

software to try;


Since it’s Sony, my guess would be Key2audio protection. Read more about this issue right here

Hi Spookrajder ,if it´s the double cd called"klassiska mästerverk",then its a key2audio protected(?) disc.Key2audio is a easywiththerighthardware able to bypass copycorruption.I used my Plextor/Plextools to make a decent back-up of that disc.If you don´t have a Plextor perhaps Eac would be something for you?Provide us with your reading/burning device(s) and it would help a lot to help you./gs.

My recorder is a Sony CD-RW CRX145E
And the cd-rom is Mida 40XB

gene_simmons: it is Klassiska mästerverk!

I haven´t tried Eac… but I will download and try! Thanks for the help, I´m going to bed now but I will return tomorrow. Goodnight and thanks…


sleep well

Hi Spookrajder,according to this and this you should be able to read/write subchannel data (with your burner as reader)and that mixed with Eac probably will help you back-up your Uggla cd.Let us know ,please/gs.

And with EAC you mean Exact Audio Copy??

Yes. /gs.

I´ve downloaded Eac and extracted a song from my reader (the recorder didn´t even find the cd) but still there is those annoying sounds… didn´t you get them g/s? Don´t know what to do…

I know some people here won´t agree with this here ,but lower your reading speed to 2x´s? I don´t know what your reading speed is/has been but if it´s ~@ full speed ,try lowering it.I riped my disc with my Plex at 2x´s and with Plextools( for Plex owners :bigsmile: )and had NO clicks or pops or anything.I got a back-up as bad as the original :wink: .Do you still have the “noise” when you burn the disc or is it just in your"music-player"?In that case perhaps it´s time to update it?And if the recorder didn´t even find the cd ,have you followedthis to make a proper set-up of Exact Audio Copy with your reader and burner?Under “links” in Eac homepage there is several other tutorials(haven´t tried them)You could also try this to ask questions about your problem.I did a quick search for Sony CDR-W CRX 145E .If you don´t want to go trough that process with Eac(and come out with a "good"back-up?),try as damiandimitri suggested you ,use Clone cd (use first session only in the audio profile). Hope this will spread some lights to you and your backing-up?Please let us know how you´re doing!/gs.

Make sure to use Secure Mode not Burst Mode.

@ Spookrajder:

Make sure to use Secure Mode not Burst Mode.
,thats in Eac of course :bigsmile: and not in anyother./gs.

if i am correct CDex has secure mode also

I have thoose sounds even if I burn the cd or just play the songs directly on winamp from the original cd. I´ll try lowering the speed…

@ damiandimitri:

if i am correct CDex has secure mode also
,hrrph,coff-coff ,so sorry!:eek:
@ Spookrajder :keep us informed ,please./gs.

By the way, it ain´t thoose usuall clicks or pops that you can here if you download a song. I´m pretty sure it has to do with the anti-copy thing. I haven´t had any problems with any other cd´s, and I´ve ripped alot of ´em…