Copy Protection

:rolleyes: i have many cd’s (90% originals) but sometimes i make “Best Of-compilations” of those cd’s. But some new cd’s can’t be read on my pc … What can i do to read & copy them?? :frowning:

From what i can tell, you have CD’S protected with Cactus Data Shield. CDS can be copied using CloneCD, but your pretty much out of luck if you want to rip them. I’ve heard reports that Plextors can rip it, but unless you have a Plextor…

Thought this one fits better here since this guy tries to rip the tracks from music discs…not just copying the whole cd.

Have you tried feurio? Feurio has better handling of protected music discs.

Also some drives (like lite-on) don’t read all protected music discs.

I tried all programs but no one can read the disc. btw I have an HP CD Writer 9100, it think it’s not compatible (also tried e.g. blindread, clone cd, nero, easy cd creator (vers. 3 & 5 platinum), Music Match Jukebox CD-Writer, CDex & CRWin :frowning:

I only copy those tracks to my hd for mixing with tactile mixing software or making Best Ofs… I’m a real music freak. But if this copy protection thing is goin’ on i will stop buying cd’s … most of those cd’s you could find at filesharing programs … but i always prefered the original ones … but if there’s no other possibility

Most hp burners don’t support AWS which is how to correctly burn the cd

AWS is not needed for music discs backups, only for backing up SD2 protected games!!

Please, try not to confuse others. :wink:

did you try eac I read that it could read protected audio cds

EAC only rips cactus if you have a drive which can read past the lead-out.