Copy Protection?



I’m trying to backup one of my DVD9 (date of production 2001).
DVDFab Platinum stops at 50 % (file VTS_01_4.VOB) with ERROR 102.

I had no problems with DVDFab Platinum so far.
Any help ?


Error 102 means that DVDFab was unable to read the file. Could be bad media, dust/dirt on lens of player etc. Do you have another player you could try? Try checking the button to “ignore read errors” in Common Settings–>Read, also uncheck the “Enable Read Ahead Cache” box near the bottom of the window. Don’t know if this will help or not but easy to try. :slight_smile: Is this a commercial DVD or one you made? I also note that DVDFab is stopping near where the layer break would be on a DVD9–could be a problem there as well.


Hi id3839315,

Sinice the disc in released in 2001, I don’t think there is any special protection.

The disc should be stratched, please try to clean it to see the result.

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fengtao I emailed you the ifo’s for Saw 3 did you get them? Can the latest version of dvd fab handle this movie in full disk mode? If you need ifo’s sent again I will be glad to send them to you.


Hi paschal1993,

I don’t get it, please send again to fengtao(at), thanks.

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fengtao I just sent them a again can you confirm you received the email with ifo’s?


fengtao how soon can we see an update?


Hi paschal1993,

I just got the files, thanks!

It’s night here, I will update you tomorrow.

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Great looking forward to an update to backup this title eg Saw3.


Hi paschal1993,

Please try new Beta to see the result:

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thanks for the answer.
When I disable “Read Ahead Cache” it doesn’t work, too.
And when I disable “Remove Layer Break” it stops at 50 % as well but without Error 102. Ignoring all read errors has the same result. It stops at 50 % without error.
When I try to copy and paste the files to HD it displays CRC error but there aren’t any problems when I play the files with a DVD player software.
I think there’s no copy protection but the layer break causes the problem.