Copy protection

I have been using DVD43 along with I Copy DVD’s 2. It has worked fine until recently. Now it isn’t working. Can you tell me what is the best program to use for decoding the copy protection? Thank you.

AnyDvd is probably updated more often than any other program to deal with the latest protections. It’s not a free program though.

Thank you, now do you know what is the best copy software?

Can somebody tell me what is the best copy software? Thanks

For dvds You can try the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd from It has a 21 day trial . There are other softwares but I think you would be satisfied with these programs. You should do a search of this forum for lots of info on this-While I am typing someone else will already answer this. Good luck. I think alot of members are watching 24 on tv.

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Depends on what you are copying.

For movies:

DL Media DvD Decrypter + AnyDvD for Iso reading. Imgburn for Iso burning.

SL Media DvD Shrink or CloneDvD2 with AnyDvD for reading. Imgburn for burning.

Other mentionables: DvDFab Decrypter,Clonecd.

The combinations can vary, but these a most used programs in a general sense.

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