Copy Protection which can't be beat?



Is there currently a copy protection which cannot be beat?

I mean copying a game successfully, without having to use cracks or emulators?

The M.A.M.E. people keep a list called “unemulated arcade games”. Is there such a list for copy protections: “unbreaked copy protections”?

Now you see, there are two questions in this topic. Please don’t forget any of them.


StarForce 3 is very hard, if not inpossable to copy :p. but others like SafeDisc 4.0 are getting harder as well.



Starforce 3 is media-wise uncopyable, there is no way to have it on a disc (in a normal way, non-image) and run it, there is a way but that is only known to the people who made it.


Aren’t Playstation and Playstation 2’s copy protection’s unbeaten? And X-Box’s protection as well?

I know of no list of such unbeaten protections.


I have copied all my PSX games. They are certainly copiable. Just use Alcohol 120%