Copy Protection Type?


I did a search on this but came up empty so I hope this isn’t a stupid question. I have a CD with two dots imprinted on the actual writing surface of the CD. I’ve never seen this before. Is this some form of copy protection and if so is it one that Blindwrite (which has never failed before) can conquer? Blindwrite keeps chugging along but gives tons of ECC\EDC errors and the estimated time remaining just keeps getting longer and longer. Once again, I hope this isn’t a stupid question and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time but any help would be great.

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One of the best ways to find out what type of protection you have is to scan it with a copy protection identifing tool.

Try ClonyXXL


The sites in german but you should be able to get around it ok.

Once you have this info then you will be able to find out easier if and how you can copy it

You may want to read this thread.
Can you send me some more info; name, pics, and a burn log (if it not too much trouble) to Here , it would be an interesting addition to my site :slight_smile:


Well, that thread you posted is right on the money - right down to the same company - Native Instruments - I will try Clony and see what it comes up with and post my results - thanks again - great forum!


@ Cranker: What are your results? Did CloneCD do the job?

How much time did it take (at what speed)?