Copy protection removal software

Hi all. I been having serious problems with some games that I got recently. I used the borrowed cds and dvds to install the games onto my computer then used nero to make copies for myself. Everything was fine up to here. I recently got a new computer and tried using my discs to install the games but the games will not install fully. I keep getting “cyclic redundancy error,” “copy protection error” or something like that. The same thing happens when I try installing them on other computers. After investigating I came to the understanding that there could be copy protection software behind the whole thing. If the discs I had copied them from were originals I would understand be more at ease but they were copies themselves. I’m wondering what they used to copy theirs so that they could work fine. Could anyone help me please? I really love those games. It.s happened to me with several other discs which I borrowed but it’s those games that really got to me. P.S. Nero 5 can’t copy or make isos/images and copying and pasting doesn’t work either. :sad: :sad:

as you say you [I]borrowed[/I] these games and you don’t own them, i’m sorry to say that we can’t help you, it’s the forum rules

First read this and then run down to your local shop and buy the games.