Copy protection recognizer to use with alcohol?

Is there already a program like Clony-XXL that recognizes the newest copyprotections like the very new securon and safedisc, and work with Alcohol? Otherwise i really don’t know how to handle my copy protected discs

any should do… once u know the protection, just select it from the drop down menu and off you go.

that’s true… But do you know a program like clony-xxl that can recognize all the newest protections? The development of clony has been stopped, so I need another program

yeah, i want to know that too. i suppose safedisc analyser will work for SD games, but there’s the nagg u need to install the game first. it was posted somewhere how to check the Securom versions, but i forgot…

if any1 knows about any ClonyXXL - esque proggy, let us know :slight_smile:

Yes there is a proggie for that.

I have uploaded it here


There is currently a hotlinking error. Try copy pasting the address to your browser. Will try and fix this later

good stuff, but its a small bummer that the game must be installed first. I would be preferable to have a proggy that can recognise the protection from the installation cds, but hey i shouldnt be complaining…

will the app recognise future versions [like SD analyser] or the SD/securom protetion, or is it limited to the ones that are currently known?

also what Dll file do you give - <gamename>.dll?