Copy Protection on Movie DVDs?



When i try to make a backup from one of my dvd movies with DVD Shrink it always sais the dvd is copy protected and then it stops, browsed trought the settings disabled everything i think affects it doesnt help, when i run DVDidle in the background it works tho…


You either need DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD. These both take off the CSS protection on the DVD. If you are on a low budget I would suggest DVD decrypter as this is free. But with that you have to rip the DVD to hard drive, if you AnyDVD you dont have to. But AnyDVD is like gold expensive and precious.

Then use DVD Shrink, or use CloneDVD2 which is tonnes better except it costs.



you can also use dvd43 instead of AnyDVD, it´s freeware


Oh so its normal, ok thanks :wink:

Cause from what i understood from friends they never had it happen and they only use Dvdshrink nothing else, and i had it happen to about 66% of the dvds i own lol


Would you be kind enough to post some of the titles of your DVDs for which DVDShrink gives you that DVD copy protected message. I usually use DVDDecrypter because it reads better, but like your friends I have not experienced this copy protection error. I have a friend who uses Shrink for everything and has never encountered that problem. Could it be a region issue?