Copy protection on application disc

hi all,

since 4-5 days I am trying to copy a double disc application via the help on what is written here on the forum and helping issues… yet I am not succeeded on copying the first disc. first of all I have downloaded all the tools to identify the protection of the cd but all I got was “unknown or no protection”… I would be really happy if someone could help me out if there is any other physical cd copy method… (like nibble copy of the old amiga x-copy days :slight_smile: )

anyway… the root directory structure is (there are no sub dirs);

Autorun.inf (hidden)
rom.ico (hidden)

but it install a bunch of mov. files (over 200mb)

regularly I use alcohol, nero and the other cool tools too… I tried all security presets on alcohol but it always fails on the 3920th block (at %1,2) and stops, gives an error message “unrecovered read error” and… with securom it gives the same error but follows the blocks very slowly…

I would be really glad if any1 could give me an idea what to do next…

(aspi 4.6 installed not 4.7.1 (I even removed it too) yamaha crw2200e writer + sony firewire writer


Did you try to open that strange ôoİ^éãâTâ|ü[âg.html file ? Are all the files readable on the CD ? Is there only one unreadable sector or a whole ring ? Do you see a laser-cut ring on the CD surface ?

the disc’s are made from previously created iso’s (so the guy who did the work knew what it was) the strange filename is becoz the app is japanese, and I can open it (there are japanese signs etc.)… but the setup.exe couldn’t be copied, so it returns the same “file error” message…

the error blocks start from 3920 till 7899 (it took about 38 minutes and it’s only %2,3 percent of the whole disc)

there is no laser-cut ring

So it is just a bunch of bad sectors inside setup.exe … Just be patient while you read the CD, as it looks like your drives don’t support Fast error skipping.

I suppose you can still install the app, else it would indicate these bad sectors are not there on purpose and the CD is (severely) damaged.

Get clonecd from about two versions back from the newest one. That was the one before they made it illeagle. It should do the trick>

I have tried on an LG (latest combo version cdr’s) too… I am not sure if it supports fast error skipping but in alcohol I can select it…

thanks for help anyway…

I will try the older version of clonecd… still have tried

CloneCD v4.3.1.6
CloneCD v4.2.0.2 coming soon!
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oh oh…

I have downloaded 2.0xxx and 3.0xxxx versions of clonecd… and no way they couldn’t copy too :frowning:

thanks anyway