Copy protection on 30STM CD messes with computer?



I hope someone can shed some light on this. Does anyone know any detail about the copy protection on the 30 seconds to Mars CD A Beautiful Lie? A disclaimer on the CD hints that a computer may be damaged if circumvention of the copy protection is attempted.

Well… stupid me did not quite read those fine prints, when I tried to help a friend get the music files (from his own CD) into WAVE format and burn a CD therefrom, so that he could get them into his iPod. After cancelling out of the autoplay mode, I used ISOBuster to export the tracks to the WAVE format (from the first of two sessions on the CD), and used WMP10 to burn them to a CD.

Surprisingly, when I tried to replay that CD in another machine, I found that all the tracks were scrambled. It may be possible that their CD has an internal de-scrambler which descrambles the tracks when their proprietary software plays them on a PC. The second session of the CD contains the same tracks in WMA format.

But worse than that… my PC has become suddenly totally unresponsive. Upon hard booting or cold booting, all the programs load, the desktop comes up, but when I try to run any damn program, it fails to start up.

I had disabled the internet connection before attempting to rip the CD. I have a suspicion that there is a rootkit or rootkit like process involved, which needs to “phone home” obediently the moment someone tries to rip the CD. Since my internet connection was disabled, it could not do that - and perhaps kept stalling all my other processes.

I ended up reformatting my hard drive. A pain, as many of you would doubtless understand!!