Copy protection locks drive. Help me please



I’m using DELL 1300 Laptop and trying to put copy protected movie disk into drive. When I put disk into drive the drive automatically begins to read disk and then seems to lock drive with light remaining on. The DVD drive is then not viewable when I either try to play movie or view files on drive. I then have to eject disk to get light to go off. DVD reads other disks no problem. What can I do to view files on disk?


Does the disc work in any other drives?


The disk works in a normal DVD player but it seems like the copy protection stops it from playing or being visable to the laptop. As soon as I put the disk into the drive laptop seems to check to see what it is and then does nothing.


Clarification … does it work in any other PC DVDrom drives?

You can try installing something like Anydvd to get around any copyprotections, but I suspect that you have a software like powerdvd or windvd accessing the drive to check out the content … but it is locking up.

Please confirm that you don’t have any player software (or ANY disc related software) automatically accessing the drive.


Sorry I’m unable to check if works on another PC Drive.

Could you tell me where I should check to see if player software running? I have tried turning off autoplay from the D drive but doesn’t make any difference.


Start->Run-> “msconfig.exe” + Enter
Startup tab

Anything you can identify that may be disc, sound or video related?

Might take the opportunity to disable anything that you don’t need running as well :wink:
Please list anything (in this thread) that you aren’t sure what it is.