Copy protection kills Blu-ray HD component video jacks

Copy protection kills Blu-ray HD component video jacks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In an effort to plug what movie studios and antipiracy organizations refer to as the “analog hole”, the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) has imposed new restrictions on Blu-ray manufacturers to phase out HD-capable component video jacks over the next three years.

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Someone correct me but wasn’t the HDCP universal key released a couple of months back rendering that likely less effective than the component at securing the content?

Oooh… That’s going to be real effective.

There have already been several BD titles released with the ICT. The specific titles escape me but I know they’re around.

There’s another wrinkle in this as well, since the BDA requires that existing players will be updated via firmware to restrict component outs to 480. That change would come with one of the usual updates that includes new AACS keys.

I think it would be logical to assume that all this has nothing to do with content protection and everything to do with selling new hardware.

wait a minute… so you’re going to sell equipment that does have componenet inputs… when bluray and HDCP are already hacked… and anyone can go on the internet and grab a drm free copy?

Whats the point?

Exactly what Zod said…

When are these A-Holes ever going to learn.? If they circumvent a product from having a feature that it was originally designed and marketed to have it will only mean that this will have backlash (hmm hmm PS3) and backfire on studios. They will in turn create a need for the average follk who are not pirates so they have a work around so that enjoy their legal investment.

Maybe my first gen Panasonic bd 10a Bluray Player will be worth a mint now, idiots. My receiver is older and has no HDMI, my TV is old enough to have 2 component ins, and 2 HDMI ins, and the last firmware update the old player had was August 2008 and so far it has played any movie I stuff into it, though some of the newer ones take forever to load up.
Yep they will force folks that can barely afford to buy a player to maybe also buy newer gear just to use it as some of the older HD sets only had component inputs and the other usual analog ins, and some folks don’t have HDTV’s yet.
The more they push it the more some young hacker will make workarounds that bypass everything and they will have even more folks supposedly breaking the law just to use the stuff they already bought and paid for:a

I’m all HDMI here already so it doesn’t directly affect me but I’m sure there will be lots of users that won’t be too happy at effectively being forced to upgrade.


My cable tv box has an issue with hdmi (it resets itself during an hdmi handshake). So I had to use component. Also using component adds a few more inputs on my reciever, which definitely comes in handy.

Maybe I’m not understanding this…right now I can put a Bluray movie in my LG Bluray BD-RE Burner and make a complete image copy of the disc onto my hard drive and then convert the Video and Audio to any size and format (no doubt as 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of others can). How is removing component connect-ability from standalone Bluray players in any way going to affect piracy? People stopped doing the “Dual VCR Copy Method” (now known as the “analog loophole”) after CSS was cracked on DVD.

Because they are stupid and just want to stop the average copier and have even more control over how we get and use our gear and media.
Maybe they can stop the average home user that just wants a backup copy for themselves and hasn’t studied how things can be done but they’ll never stop the pros and hacker types.

As I said before, it’s not about stopping pirates, it’s about forcing hardware upgrades. It’s ALWAYS about money regardless of the reasons stated.