Copy protection issues with Bf2

I am quickly running out of ideas as to why I cannot get bf2 to run every time. Sometimes, the cd-drive will spool up, the bf2 splash screen will appear, and the game will commence.

Other times, I try to run the game, the drive will spool up, then slowly spool down, the splash screen will hang there on screen for about a minute and I get a bf2 error encountered window, clicking on the details it says the following more or less:
AppName: bf2.exe AppVer: ModName.~df394b.tmp ModVer: Offset:000c486b

I am guessing this is a copy protection issue because the game runs fine when it works. It is a retail copy not a torrent’d copy or anything like that, version 1.12 I have uninstalled nero, alcohol, and DT since I have read in some places that BF2 has problems running if those programs are installed.

I do have Mcafee security center running. While it would seem wise to turn this off during game play, I have run the game with the personal firewall turned on. The firewall has the bf2.exe set to “allow full access”.

As I started out saying, I am running out of ideas as to why this game will not run. My cd/dvd drive seems to be working, I have burned dvd’s on it, I have installed and uninstalled BF2 on it at least a dozen times trying to get this game to work. The computer is only 2 months old. I don’t really think the drive is physically damaged.

The fact that when the game doesn’t run, it involves the drive spinning up like then slowing down to where I can hardly hear it, the splashscreen appearing and then about a minute of hanging on the screen, I get a error as mentioned above.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I just installed an old CD-rw drive from an Inspiron 8000 that i had laying in a box. Put the cd in the drive, the game fired up.

usually this doesn’t mean anything because I can restart and the game won’t run.

I rebooted, ran the game, batta-bing.

It’s the TSST drive. I have the TS-L532B, I think this is a new version. A buddy of mine has the same laptop but his game works with no problems. I am gonna find out what drive model he has to make sure. Hopefully that NEC works out, cause I am ordered it tommorow.

This ****es me off because I returned NFSMW because of the same issue I had with BF2. EA’s answer for NFSMW was that they never tested it with laptops. I bet it worked, because the demo worked just fine.

Oh well, THANKS CD-Club for all the helpful replies;-)