Copy Protection Issue

I purchased a couple of music CDs online a few weeks ago and just got around to try and rip them with iTunes to load onto my iPod. These CDs will not be recognized in iTunes, while others will. I opened up the DVD-ROM folder and saw an autorun file, some .dll files and .wma files.

When opening the .wma files and launching Media Player, it takes me to a Sony web page. Just from some casual searching, I’m assuming that this is copy protected with SecuROM. While I have no intention of stealing this music, I would like to put these items on my iPod with all of my other music without having to pay $19.98 for the digital versions. My main question is how can I bypass this to allow iTunes to read the CD and let me rip it?


You can rip the entire disc to your harddrive using exact audio copy, cdex or perfectrip. The problem may be that if the disc is protected it’s possible that the protection will be ‘installed’ on your pc and from my knowledge you first have to remove it before you can rip the disc. I’ve no great experience with protected audio discs so I moved the thread to our audio drm forum.