Copy Protection in burning software

I just posted the article Copy Protection in burning software.

If this is going to be the future some software companys like roxio will be out of buisness soon,Who wants burning software that decide`s what you will burn or not?

With the latest version…

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Well if this is true, Roxio can kiss goodbye to their users, as they seek less restrictive copying software. (Mind you, I doubt anyone who is knowledgeable to copy a protected disc even uses their rubbish products anyway :wink: ).

Great move,Roxio!!:4…Die Die…:4 Plenty of better stuff available…:wink:

What is the point of this? Roxio’s Easy CD Creator can’t copy any kind of protection anyway.

<sarcasm> I hope they don’t do that to EASYCD since it is the perfect software to copy protected CD’s. </sarcasm>

people will make cracks for it anyway then … :slight_smile:

‘Well if this is true, Roxio can kiss goodbye to their users,’ Users? Nobody uses Roxio. And there’s no way Ollie’s going to bow to industry pressure now is there! :wink:

On the Mac, Roxio is the first and the best for CD Software. On the PC, it’s the last ! But, on the Mac, there is no protected CD software. Apple gives with his systems some software for ripping CDA and burning. The real question will be the attitude of Apple. Ma Pomme

Are they talking about copy protection SCHEMES, or the copy protection flag that identifies the CD as being copywright?

I hope my CLONECD will do not do that :wink: Anyway ROXIO SUCK ;r

Kinda funny… Why lower the Roxio stocks? Seams like they Really want to stop doing business… Well, bye bye Roxio, we wont miss u.

I hope my CLONECD will do not do that Anyway ROXIO SUCK
Well, as Clone’s only purpose is to copy protected CD’s, it wouldn’y make sense to remove that feature.

I’ve always used EasyCD for my DAE’s… Anyone know a suitable replacement? the only tool for DAE

A prime example of how to make an unsuccessful small business out of an unsuccessful big business…bye bye roxio…:7

For DAE, MusicMatch Jukebox registered (or cracked :4) takes your drive to the limits… and with excellent quality

nobody uses Roxyo products, and who cares about this software, CloneCD, and Nero Rulez and we have to the crackes :slight_smile: who need more ???

I will miss Roxio. Whenever I need a replacement jewelcase, I burn a CD with ECDC, throw away the inevitable coaster and I got myself an empty jewelcase. Easy

Oh, REAL smooth there Roxio…real smooth. First, there is the odd quirk I’ve seen with every burning suite out there…they all call cd-r(w) disks as copy protected…will burn them anyway, but it is still labled as such…What my friend can’t make a copy of the cd his band just recorded? Or second, Plextor has made it’s statement that they SUPPORT you being able to make fair-use copies of software regardless of the protection scheme. Does this mean that due to the conflict between software and hardware maker’s beliefs that Plextor will drop Roxio in favor of something compatable (Nero would be a good choice I’d think)? Oh well…we shall see

Well, i guess most of us haven’t seen Easy CD Creator as a viable solution since Nero got around… And with Nero’s Express package, it has got even easier than with Easy CD Creator… Roxio is going down… Well, they should have listened to what we had to say to them… May they RIP…