Copy protection how



:How can i find out what cop[y protection is on a cd i have just started flying lessons and bought a set of flight simulator cds at a cost of £350.00 so would like to make backups of them can any body help m e out as i dont know what protection is on them and how to get round it i have tried nero with no go please help if you can :bow: bow: :bow:


Nero 6 doesnt do special protections such as Safedisc 2.9, which your game is protected with.
Have a look in the tutorial section.
You should use Alcohol 120% for protections like this.
What kind of cd-unit do you have?


Hey KueBlue,

take a look here Identify Copy Protection, Helpful Hints, Posting Rules. Would be nice posting the title of the flight simulator you bought and as merther wrote all your optical drives :). Nero won’t be able to make a working backup :sad:.