Copy Protection -Green day: American Idiot-



Hello; I havent copied an audio CD for over a year and Im struggling to make a decent copy of ‘American Idiot’ to use in my car; the disc Ive ended up with has random crackling which I assume is a result of Macrovision CDS200? How can I make a digital copy that isnt affected by this?

Ive just replaced my Mini Disc with an iPod also, so if anyone can tell me how to rip this without the noise too, then Id be extremely grateful.




try anydvd from slysoft :slight_smile:


Thanks; will that solve both problems?



American Idiot isn’t copy protected, it’s a normal Redbook CD (at least the US release is). Sounds like your disc maybe scratched or dirty or your drive or ripper.

Try a different drive, clean the disc and use EAC.


try cdrwin it backsup anything even if the disk is scratched