Copy-protection gear quietly added into various products

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jef195 used our news submit to tell us "Key quote- “consumer complaints are waning as it becomes
less cumbersome, says DRM analyst Mike McGuire with researcher Gartner.” I
wonder how Gartner…

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24 hours after the first day of book requirements for classing being posted and a cS student will send out an mass email saying for $1 he will export your “book” to PDF for you

This damn Internet is the “Devils Playgound”. :d

…And remember since Gartner tells us through their “Research” that we now accept DRM because it is less cumbersome i guess that ends that arguement and we should never complain about it again! :wink:

Paper book can be kept or resell again after use. But eBook will expired and couldn’t be resell.

For 1/3 less?? WTF?!?!?!?!? They have: NO cost of materials NO cost of printing NO cost of delivery to sellers except bandwidth at next to nothing NO cost of outlet stores other than some pitiful hosting cost of next to nothing They can instantly produce stock numbers to exactly match amount of demand, It only lasts one frickin year You can only read it while at a computer etc. Your only aloud one copy so if your machine crashes along with that one single copy (which I’d imagine you’d probably waste by accident just clicking the wrong button and oops, there goes your single copy allowance. This is the biggest load of bllcks I’ve ever read and is just typical of how these moronic companies are trying to HUGELY increase their profit per item by moving to the web instead of realising that they could still slightly increase their profits per item AND give consumers a HUGE cost saving (I mean 60%+) and make ALOT BIGGER profits due to increased sales rather than just by bigger profit per item. I HATE THESE STUPID FRICKIN COMPANIES!!

In reality, these books should be 1/10 the retail price if they expire with the year. Used books are 1/2 the price or less usually and do expire every few years after the SO CALLED new edition comes out. I do not understand how MATH book companies can do this and get away with it along side college campuses to manipulate sales. Honestly, I have been informed that a Calculus book with be revised every 5 or so years and 2nd or 3rd semester students will have to re-purchase a VERY SIMILAR BOOK, but not always - as some teachers are lenient. Yeah, I agree though, smart of them to release ebooks to students, especially CS students. :B

How Stooopid. If you can print a paper copy, then you can “print” it to a pdf and then make as many hardcopies you can want! I think this’ll be a money makin’ deal for some college students. :d:B