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i don`t understand . why would a moderator want to know some copy protection ? i am very sure he has contacts with Future, Da_Taxman … etc etc . and please tell me how a person with just 2xx posts get to become a moderator.

This subforum is for identified copy protections and versions of games as they are released. It is for the benefit of everyone. If you read the sticky post it explains how this particular forum is used. If you want to ask a question there is a Forum Talk forum where you can post these questions. Please don’t post here again unless you know the copy protection on the next official patch for Wings of Honor or the copy protection on the Asian version is different.

If I understand the first bit of your post correctly, I’ll say that there’s no difference between Mods and Admins as far as members are concerned.

logicwatch was chosen as a Mod for the reasons that all Mods are selected.

I became a Mod here with about 20 posts. I had about 3,000 posts web-wide at the time.

OC Freak became a Mod here with 0 posts. He had about 2,000 on another forum at the time though …

sorry,:bigsmile: I asked the question in this forum instead of using Forum Talk . and thanks a lot clarifying the question :slight_smile:

moved here :stuck_out_tongue: