Copy Protection For All Data CDR's

I want to add some kind of copy protection for
my own all data CDR disks. I found an app called
FreeLock, but it’s mainly for audio disks.

When I do a general search using Google all I can
find are complex packages designed for companies
that mass produce CD’s.

I need something simple that I can use with my
own CD’s that I burn myself. I know copy protection
schemes can be thwarted by people with the
knowledge and determination to do so.

All I’m really trying to do is put up a few road
blocks to make copying more difficult for the average
person who has minimal technical skills. (Don’t
forget, 90% or more of the people who use PC’s
have little technical knowledge about how things
really work.)

I know there must be something available, but I
can’t find it. Does anyone know of an app that
could do the job??


Try CDR Protector

first write the cdr
then get some sandpaper and rub over surface of cdr for
15 minutes.

no-one will ever be able to copy this cdr!

use new super PLESSTOR MICROWAVE OVEN to burn your
will be very hot!!


Take a look at this site . You may find what you need!


CD Protector 3.00

Works fine