Copy protection error with 165p6s

I can’t back up any dvd’s with this drive, always shows copy protection error. I am using anydvd 6082 and dvd shrink. I’ve tried the official and test firmwares with no solution. I also have a samsung s182d drive that works without any problems. Any ideas. :confused:

had any replys? i got the same prob.

I have no problems with my 165p6s and ripping with AnyDVD.

Check AnyDVD settings is enabled for the 165p6s.

Try RipIt4Me.

Try DVDFab Decrypter and RipIt4Me. For RipIt4Me I’d snag the INSTALL bundle. Just make sure to have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink installed first, and it should take care of the rest.