Copy protection error when watching DVDs



Hello everyone,

Several months ago, I received great help from members with my problems burning DVDS.

Now, I’m having a new problem with copy protection but I have a feeling the answer is quite simple.

Approximately, one month ago I had my hard drive wiped and everything then reinstalled. At the same time, I also was upgraded from Windows XP, 2nd Edition to Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Today was the first time that I decided to watch some DVDs on my computer. I used Quicktime, Windows Media Player (not through the media center), and RealPlayer and received basically the same error messages with each one. All stated that the DVDs could not be played because of copyright protection issues. I tested about 15 DVDs. All commercial, NOT burned. Some quite new movies, other DVDs that I’ve had for years. None of them played.

I’m a complete novice but I think this has something to with what are called “codecs”? Maybe?

My one DVD player that is connected to my TV is currently not working and I’m really in the mood to re-watch Shaun of the Dead! lol lol Any help would be appreciated.




Try using this player, it plays anything, works great and it is free:



Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I do love VLC. It’s a great standby and I totally forgot I had it until you just mentioned it. Yep, just tried them and they work just fine.

However, I do prefer RealPlayer and Windows Media Player and really would like to figure out what’s wrong with them still.

Thanks again,



use this and check which dvd decoders you have installed, I think you need a third party decoder.
post which ones if any it shows and we will go from there.



Will do. I’ll get back to you in a few.



Here are the results:
Decoder Vendor: GPL MPEG 1/2 Decoder
Decoder File Name:

This is the only item that is listed in the box. And the row begins with a red circle with a white “x” in it and then the information listed above.


Do you have a copy of power dvd or win dvd or the like? If yes install it and windows media player will use it’s decoder. The only other free thing I know of is the K-lite codec pack.



I downloaded the K-Lite programs Thank you very much! That did the trick. I tested all the media players I mentioned after the download and yes the DVDs can be viewed.

Thanks for taking your time in helping me out.

You have a great weekend!!!



Glad I could help. Have a nice one yourself.