Copy protection emulation (securom)

Alright, I hate copy protection. My DVD-ROM is dying on me now because of all the undue strain placed on it over the years from crappy copy protection like safedisc and securom and the like.

So I’m interested in never having to deal with these copy protection schemes again. I’d like to be able to accurately emulate all of these by making an image of the disc with Nero or something, then somehow emulating the various copy protection schemes somehow. But I don’t really know how to do this.

Mounting with daemon tools and turning on the emulation seems to work with a few games, but not all of them. The one I’m mainly having problems with right now is No One Lives Forever 2. My drive makes this horrible noise and loads FOREVER when I use the actual cd with the copy protection, so I made an image with CDRWin with the default settings, tried to mount it with daemon tools and turn on the securom emulation (searching through the .nfo files here says it uses securom for copy protection), but when I try to start the game it doesn’t appear to work. It just tells me to insert the cd.

Can anyone offer me some tips on emulating copy protection schemes like this? I want to try to make this drive last for as long as I can, and the last thing I need is more crappy copy protection.


NOLF2 uses the latest securom protection and you won’t be able to make an image that will run with daemon tools using cdrwin.

Use alcohol with securom 4.8x settings and saving in mds format and your image should work.

use alcohol 1.3.6, nolf2 works great for me, and 007, and hitman2, and nfshp2. i dont even tweak the settings in alcohol, just burn