Copy protection, DVD backup and Linux


why would someone burn copy protected stuff in linux anyway you may ask. dunno, because i use dual boot i think…
at the moment i use windows for burning, games and musik creation (and asking myself “couldnt this be done in linux too?”)

CloneCD in linux? something like that would be nice…protection scanners, cdrecordXXL or cdrdaoXXL? is there anything for this available for Linux?
How would I make backups of my DVDs in Linux? …

I know k3b, xcdroast…mencoder…hmm, anyway, anyone?


Use the package system,, and don’t forget to find software.

From cmak " Why would someone burn copy protected stuff in linux anyway you may ask. is there anything for this available for Linux? "

well the answer is Yes ! all that can be done in linux as well and you don’t have all the problems and crashes in Linux as you would have in windows. personally I only use Linux to back up my movies, also in Linux you don’t have to worry about Regions, your DVD player will play all regions in linux.
The latest K3b can also back up some of the protected games, or you can try using some of the win Burning programs and protection scanners in XandrOs with CrossOver or Wine, I have only used Lotus Notes, Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop CS in XandrOs with Crossover but have read on one of the Linux forums some people have used other programs as well with good results.

There are 100’s of great tools for ripping, backing up and editing music files and as far as backing up DVD’s go’s it’s a as easy as a few commands in your Konsole or you can do it from the programs GUI. you can use Acidrip, DVD::rip or Mkdvd script even Mplayer with the correct Codecs ( MAD ) can rip a movie to your HD. for Mkdvd script you will need Libdvdread, DVDAuthor, Sox, MJPEGTools , Toolame and Mplayer,

a few months ago for somebody I posted some details and links on DVD back up using Linux in the Newbie Forum you can find it by using “Search” or post again and I will try and help the next time I’m in this forum. or you can find some tutorials here , , ,