Copy-protection detector testers wanted



Hi all,

I coded a simple program that should help you detecting a CD's protection.

It should detect the old versions of SafeDisc and Securom (maybe also new versions) Illegal TOC, oversized, LaserLock and CDCops.

Cause I don't want to spread it with all kinds of errors i would like it when some of you would be so kind to test it.

Download at:



test results of CdDetect Beta :

Need for Speed 4 : protection found : Safedisc OK
Hidden & Dangerous : protection found : Safedisc OK
Streetwars : no protection found NOT OK, SECUROM
Outcast : protection found : Securom OK
Sim City 3000 : no protection found NOT OK, SECUROM
Traitors Gate : protection found : CD-Cops OK

Seems like the program has troubles with Securom.

btw, anyone know have to copy Traitor’s Gate?
Protection used : CD-Cops V1.64


Test results:
Blood2 : Protection found ; safedisc
Carmageddon 2 : protection found ; safedisc
C&C tiberian sun: safedisc (wait… there should be read errors!)
Commando’s : Illegal TOC
Incoming: no protection found, but there is SecuRom in there…
Sim city 3000: same as incoming, there is a protection, but the program says there is none.

It seems that this program has problems with SecuRom.
Some notes: The program exits when I select an empty cdrom drive, after the massage (when I press cancel) the program exits.
When I insert an other cd, the label does not refresh.


experimented some more:

Prince of Persia 3D: found Safedisc
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun : found Safedisc
NHL 2000 : found Safedisc
Discworld Noir: found Safedisc
System Shock 2 : found Safedisc
Rainbow Six : found Safedisc
Braveheart : found Safedisc
Warzone 2100 : found Safedisc
Championship Manager 3 : found Safedisc

Works OK to detect Safedisc.

Superbike World Champions : nothing found, but there’s Securom
Saga : Rage of the Vikings : nothing found, but there’s Securom
Southpark : nothing found, but there’s Securom

Official F1 Racing : found Illegal TOC, didn’t say anything about oversized
Delta Force : found Illegal TOC, oversized

So, Securom gives some trouble and the program doesn’t detect it when inserting
another cd.

A nice program, but most people can detect cd protections without this
program, or am I wrong?


Thanks guys ! Great respons just what i needed. Securom seems to be the problem right now, and i will try to fix it.

Shaxz notes that everbody can find the protection also without the program.

Yep that’s right, but the meaning of the program is, and i’m working on it, that the program will send the information to our server so we would be able to know sooner what cd protections are used. And ofcourse it can help people that don’t know how to find the copyprotection.


Can that prog also detect the protection made by me and TheDuke?
That would be funny


No i don’t think that will be possible.


What about unreadable sectors? The program seems to scan on files only, will this be put in the program to? (surface scan)


Well I can’t make the program work with Securom, and I have not enough time to study the program. It works OK for almost every other copy protection. If anyone wants to improve it, at
you can find the source of the VB6 project. Please read the instruction given in the project as I am not a good coder

To explain to others, the program does nothing more and nothing less then searching the CD for files that are known to make part of a copyprotection and it checks de size of the disk and size of the files. It does not scan the surface, only the contents. If I was a talented programmer I would have added these functions, but I am not.

I hope someone will take the time to improve this code or to make a similair program.


gee man, dont be so hard on yourself… this progs really good…it should be a great help to newbies who dont know whats going on around them etc etc.


After I used the program of domin8tor I wanted to try it too and created a similar program. This program searches much faster than the one by domin8tor but can not detect an Illegal TOC. It can save all the information about the cd-rom and upload it to any ftpserver.
The program of domin8tor couldn’t recognize Securom very well. After I looked at the sourcecode I knew why. The program should look for CMS32_95.DLL and CMS32_NT.DLL and not for CMS_95.DLL and CMS_NT.DLL.

I haven’t tested my program that much but I think it has no problems with the detection of Safedisc, Securom, CDCops, Laserlock and Oversized CD’s. But ofcourse you can never be sure.

I’m not such a good programmer and didn’t know how to check for an Illegal TOC. If somebody could please tell me how to detect it in delphi…

You can download it at:

Daddy, what does ‘FORMATTING DRIVE C:’ mean?


I beta-tested Stack Overflows CDDetect and think that this one is really cool, except for the TOC detection… It works fine for me, I’d say it’s a great program so go download it!!

The only bug I found was that it couldn’t upload some protections to FTP servers.
I’ve tried it with some CD’s and all protections were found quickly.

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I can’t seem to download Stack overflow’s program… It gives me an Illegal Zip file ???

For all your questions and info


Hmmmmmm great. I can now make it work with Securom. Coolness. I already made some progress with uploading etc. Maybe I can finish it this weekend and can we both (Stack Overflow) improve the source etc.



Got program working and detects all protections. Can be hidden in tray and every time you insert a CD it will scan for protections. After scanning a report card comes up. Sending to server works when you are connected to the internet, now I have only to make an option to send older saved reports and then i will make it again availble for testing.

Also cleared the source so the program should be a little faster. But it’s not as fast as stack overflow, wonder how he made it so fast


Wondering how I made it search so fast? I let the program create a list of all files on the cd-rom and then let it search for the files that indicate a protection in that list. I still can’t figure out how to let the program search for an Illegal TOC but I made some improvements to the uploading. It seemed that sometimes the protection couldn’t be uploaded at all or it uploaded the wrong information.
I like the idea of the trayicon. I think I will implement it to. Shouldn’t be hard to do.

The improved version can be found here:


hmmmmm great, then we will have 2 versions
Illegal TOC is quite easy. Scan for the file size. If it’s about 650 MB then you will probably have to do with illegal TOC…