Copy-protection detection for Nero

Is there a program, similar to ClonyXXL and Alcoholer, that can be used for Nero Burning ROM? I had issues with the previous two programs, and Alcohol 120%, so I’m stuck with Nero and was wondering if something’s been scripted for it?

As Nero isn’t capable of doing any backup of a copy protected disc, there is no need such for such tool. At least, I don’t know one…


use Alcohol for copy protected CDs. You won’t have succes backing up your protected CDs using nero.

If you want to use Nero, it can copy Safedisc up to 2.7, if you turn on ignore bad sectors and write defect sectors to disc, and maybe old versions of securom below 4.77 with subchannel reading/writing turned on. But i really don’t recommend it.

Yeah Nero is really just for data and audio cds/dvds etc.

I recommend using Alcohol 120%, CloneCD or Blindwrite 5.

docdocdoc9 is right :iagree:, you can copy SafeDisc titles using nero never tested Securom below 4.77 but perhaps it works. F@TMAN has Alcohol so it’s the easiest way to use it for backing up games.

If you note from my first post, kalas, I’ve had issues with Alcohol 120%, more precisely, its Virtual CD component - it seems to conflict with my gfx drivers to the point where even after uninstalling Alcohol (and disabling Virtual CD), the problem lingers! Hence, I’m trying to find an alternative, which looks to be Clone CD.

Thanks to everyone who replied!

If you going to do SD3.x titles, dont use CloneCD.

Dammit - I really need to address this issue with virtual CD from Alcohol120% and my gfx card (R9800np). Anyone familiar with a conflict, if one does exist?!

I’m really very much into Alcohol myself, but, as an alternative, you could also try Blindwrite Suite if the problem you 're having with Alcohol is so great. Or even Discjuggler, Gamejack. Try looking elsewhere in the forum, you 'll find loads of stuff, alternatives and how tos. Bear in mind though, that Safedisc (mainly) and Securom are hardware dependable.

Use Nero 6303 or higher-put game cd in rom and blank cd in burner
Select expert mode
Set to Nero Express
Select data option-then make data disk
Disk content window should open-press the add button
Select files and folders window should open
Right click top file and select all and press add
Nero will copy all data-once this finishes select next then select burn
You should have a copy in about 3 minutes or so

Once disk is copied it still won’t work without update patch 1.1 and no cd 1.1
Install these - problem solved

Hi robbo38,

Once disk is copied it still won’t work without update patch 1.1 and no cd 1.1

Maybe reading the forum rules will help you. No hacks, cracks, serials are allowed here :cop:

p.s. We try to make backups without using stuff like this and it works in most cases . So you’ll learn everything about it here just take a look through the forums and if you got problems post them they’ll be solved :).

I use Nero Ultimate 6 with the update and I have no problems with backing up CD’s

Yes, but definitely not copy-protected ones. :cool:

Good to know that there are still some experts out there…heavens…