Copy protection data on dummy image?

First of all, I’m not sure if this can even be done. I’m not new to copying protected CDs (in fact, I’ve yet to see one I haven’t been able to copy).

I’ve been wondering if it would somehow be possible to replicate only the copy protection part of a CD on a discimage (maybe a blank cd-image, or a dummy containing no actual data), so that it could be mounted in Alcohol 120% or Daemon-tools, in order to run a game without having the disc in the drive, or having a complete CD-image mounted.

The game in question is Postal 2 (which i do own a legit copy of).Normally, on my desktop PC i just keep a complete copy of the image in mds/mdf format, and it works fine, however on my laptop the hd space is rather limited. It seems to me that many (most?) newer games don’t even use any data from the CD, but only check the copy protection (I even ran Postal 2 from the original disc, then removed it while playing, and it worked fine), and it wouldn’t really be necessary to keep a duplicate copy of the game data.

Basically, I’m wondering if it would be possible to strip down an image (doesn’t matter what type of image it is, as long as it works), so it only contains just enough data (such as physical media layout, copy protection data, any files the game checks for, etc) to trick the copy protection check when emulated in alcohol 120% or daemon-tools.

I imagine I would somehow have to be able to edit the image, or possibly extract the copy protection data from a copy of the original image and attach it to a small dummy image…

Anyone know a way to do this?