Copy protection (Audio CD)

my friends are recording a CD and they have put me in charge of producing them. They would like some sort of copy protection to limit the number of people copying their music. I have done quite a bit of research and found a few utilities…but none have worked that well. Usually, they protect the CD so it can’t be used in a computer, but then it doesn’t play in my discman. The best luck I’ve had is using CCD-Lock, but that still doesn’t do what I need…anyone had any success in dealing w/ this issue?


Unfortunately,most copy protection can be defeated,sometimes with a utility,or sometimes with a shift key(hey,that rhymes) But seriously though,I think for
anyone to seek out copy protection on the small scale you describe,the end result would probably be costly,and even then,the company who provided it,couldn’t
in all honesty,guarantee the protection wouldn’t be broken. There are people who
stay up all night with breaking copy protection in mind. Not to discourage you,
but i hate to see someone spend hard earned money for something that could be circumvented right afterward. Good Luck… :cool: