Copy protection (again) sorry

ok guys i have a data cd which i intend to give to my friend ,i have used copy protections available free on the net and created plenty of bad sector files in the ISO image…ok…
Now to the point my friend has a samsung cdrw 48x24x48 which i have heard cannot do EFM correctly so will he be able to copy my cd??? using clone …
If yes then will all the files(good files not the bad sector files) on the cdrom be copied correctly or will the samsung with cause some errors on the good files while copying and make them bad(thats just what i want)

hello! if u have used a copy protection tool from the net to protect ur own cd , why do you want to give it your friend who has samsung drive? he might have a hard time copying the cd.

he wants the software cd badly but i don’t want him to make a backup of it…:bigsmile: cause i plan to sell it to him;)

hello! anyway, it is ur idea to protect ur own cds ( which u don`t want to anyone to copy it ) , but you must know that ur friend might try copying it with some other good drives ( if he knows all this backup stuff ) . but it is ineffective once you have sold him the cd