Copy protecting a DVD

Hi everyone
Can someone help me on how i should do a simple copy protection on a DVD? What are the softwares I need and how should I do it?
I just need to do it for one DVD which a person has given me.Please help me.

You can’t.

What do you mean? Then how do other people do it?

basically they can’t either.

if the major companies can’t find any type of protection that’s actually effective and they spend a LOT of money developing and/or licensing protections from specialized companies then to assume that we, at a consumer level, can put any type of effective protection on a disc is rather unlikely.

there are however programs that will put SOMETHING on the disc, but it’s almost not even worth it.

I’m not sure of the exact programs off the top of my head, but this thread comes up once a month or so. a search should be able to turn something up, but basically all of the threads end in “you can use these pathetic attempts at protection but be advised that if majot companies can’t do it then you can’t either”

Hi reasontherules,
Thanks for the reply…
I dont mind it not being a 100% effective way…its enough for me to make the files on the cd not copyable to the hard disk.That will do.Atleast the novice users shouldnt be able to do it.Thats all.I dont mean a crackproof solution :slight_smile:
So,please tell me what can be done

yeah how are you guys i really need help here i have download the godfather 06 game and its bin file so i opended it and i used alcohol120% to burn it and i burned it on dvd rw becouse the file was 3gigabytes so the burning was seccesfuly and i installed the game i put the serial number so when i tried to play the game this error mesg comes up and it says insert the right dvd rom and the CD is already in the rom but i dont no wot to do so please help me on. :wink:

You have three options.

  1. Buy the game.
  2. Buy the game.
  3. Buy the game.

You really have No option but to [B]BUY THE GAME[/B].

Double post.

explain the protection you want

look i can buy the game but i just want to try how it works if i download it i just need to play it each time i try to play it the msg comes up and it asked me to insert the right DVD-rom but it is in,

If you continue to post about your illegally downloaded game you will get sinbinned for a few days, or you may get banned…

like i said before, if i could remember the programs off the top of my head i’d post them, but i don’t remember.

hopefully someone that knows the programs will see this. I mainly wanted to post to clarify the rather short response that you received above.

have you tried using the forum search function for prvious threads regarding copy protecting homemade discs?