Copy protected?

I recently bought an audio CD and saw this image on it. It says CD is protected with some copy protection mechanism(s). When I tried to make a backup of it I didn’t see the warning on the back, so I started copying it with CloneCD and “Audio CD” settings.

I guess they are for ‘normal’ (unprotected) audio CDs: in fact they don’t have any settings for copying protected data like reading subchannel audio, skipping read errors and so on. I only saw the ‘copy protected’ label after having made my backup!

I thought ‘oh no! it won’t work’ and tried to read it with my PC’s cd-reader (LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B), my portable audio CD reader (a very old Technics one), my stereo and my cd-writer: no problems!

Is the label just a method to deter people from copying labelled CDs ? :smiley:

It is Cactus Data Shield