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Hi, I know nothing about coping protected vhs’s. I am in the USA, I have a Panasonic Model no. DMR-ES35V VHS/DVD recorder. Is it possible to copy a protected VHS to a DVD? If its possible, what do I need to do or add to copy it, I am at a total loss. Thanks for any Help.

You will need a Video Stablizer.

If this is a combo unit a Video Stabilizer will not work. You need to have seperate units in order to do this because the stabilizer hooks up on the video line between the two units. Sima makes a good Video stabilizer but its about $100 at Best Buy and will do both VHS and DVD. If you only need it to do VHS check out MCM Electronics for a Digital Video Stabilizer about $20. Hope that this helpped you out.

Thanks for the reply, i do appreciate it

Thanks for your help, yes it is a dual unit, VHS on the left and the DVD on the right, i have to look into the digital vedio stablizer. Thanks again

Actually, many VCR’s will give you a suitable video to record regardless of any Macrovision encoding, and many recorders will record them too, so I’d try it out before buying a video stabilizer. The main thing is that you need separate VHS and DVD units.

Thanks for the info, i will give this a try this first. Thanks again.


Macrovison (the only widespread VHS protection system) was primarily designed to mess up tape-to-tape recordings on VHS machines. Most DVD recorders seem to compensate pretty well. The problem with your combo unit is that it’s programmed to prevent recording from VHS when protection is present. I use a good quality S-VHS VCR as a source drive, and it works great whether Macrovision is present or not. I think you’ll find that most tapes will record just fine, but a few might present problems. There were several versions of Macrovision that varied from completely ineffective to very troublesome. Some of them wouldn’t even play well on some VCRs.

check the dimax web site you for hook up instructions for your recorder

Your Idea of a second vhs worked fine on one of mu tapes but not on a disney movie, do you know what needs to be done to copy a disney movie, i keep getting a no copy report

What’s a “no copy report”? You get this on the image when you record it? Sounds like your recorder may be programmed to refuse to record protected VHS, in which case the “video stabilizer” might be required. I’m not sure what Disney might have used, but Macrovision is a good bet.

Edit: I just tried recording “101 Dalmations” with my ES10, and got the same message, so the stabilizer would be the next thing to try.

Thanks Dan, I really appreciate all your help and info …



What is it that a vedio stablizer does to let a protected vedio be copied?


One of the methods used is a second false sync pulse added to the video, in the vhs machine on playback this is not a problem but if you try to record the signal you usually end up with a black screen and no or little sound.
The stabilizer removes the second false pulse and the signal will record ok.


Thanks for the info

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