Copy protected vhs to dvd

Hello,This is my first visit to this forum.
I have a large collection of commercial vhs movies that are are degrading(simply by just sitting on the shelf,let alone the threat of breakage).Plus the collection occupies a huge amount of space.I want to save my collection and reduce the amount of space it requires.

I run a windows xp svc pack 2.I have numerous video editing programs.I was using the Plextor tv100U for video capture.It worked ok for tv ,but could not capture any vhs(home made or commercial).It has had lots of problems since I installed the nero suite,but that is another story.So much of the software out there does not play well with other programs.Now I am getting more confused.Roxio anything definitly does not work with nero.not sure if any of the u lead software is an issue either.

It seems that every item you purchase these days comes with “important”
,or powerful “streamlined” installation suites or bundles that are lacking the key elements necessary to do specific tasks in video creation and editing.These components are generally available for a nominal fee.

Sorry,I do rant a bit…
My questin is,with copwrite laws the way they are,is there a device and or software(preferably external)that you can reccomend which will allow me to save my commercial vhs video collection to dvd ?One that comes with all the required codecs,and are up to date with windows.I am using the realtek ac97 audio.

You tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated,or maybe you can point me to an existing thread.

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You will need a video stabilizer.
See here

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I have a Plextor PX M402u and don’t have a problem however I normally use a video stablizer and record directly to my DVD Recorder.

use Video Enhancer SIMA-1, -100 or -200 to be connected between your output of your VHS and INput of your DVD Recorder that would remove any protection the VHS might have.