Copy Protected Nas cd

I am attempting to rip mp3’s from the Nas album I Am…, but whenever I load it into dmc audio input to rip it it says all of the tracks have output errors?

I tried holding shift to bypass the autorun feature of the disc, but that didn’t work/ and probably wasn’t the problem.


We need more info, what’s the name of the CD? UPC code would be easy for us to look it up, what is it a US release? What company? Any warnings written on the case etc.? Provide us with as much info as you can.

The artist is Nas, the album is called “I Am…” , the record company is Columbia according to the disc itself.

Thats all I have right now, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please give us informations about the current hardware/software you are using to do the task… Your CD will be probably a CDS200 protected CD… :Z
Do you have any Plextor drive? If yes, try to copy the CD with PlexTools… Or try to use Feurio! as BoSkin suggests in the CD200 thread… :wink:

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:

I have a plextor 708-a, I don’t think my drive came with plextools.

If this helps at all when I put the cd in it autoloads a program called Nas.exe, which enables you to play the tracks of the cd from it.

Edit: Here is the exact error dbpower amp gives me
“The output file ‘D:\Rap Albums\Nas - I am…\1 - Album Intro.mp3’ could not be opened.
The output file ‘D:\Rap Albums\Nas - I am…\2 - N.Y. State of Mind Pt. II.mp3’ could not be opened.
The output file ‘D:\Rap Albums\Nas - I am…\3 - Hate Me Now (featuring Puff Daddy).mp3’ could not be opened.
The output file ‘D:\Rap Albums\Nas - I am…\4 - Small World.mp3’ could not be opened.” etc for each track on the cd.

Nice :slight_smile: , then you should do some reading here. After that, go here and download Plextools.
Now,install Plextools, and rip your disc with pleasure. :cool:

Plext tools will do it, unless it is using softare-trojan protection, in that case you need to hold down shift key. Since I don’t know this one I really can’t say.

Sony Protection
SunnComm Media Max

All use the trojan, Alpha-Audio may also use it too but I haven’t confirmed this yet…problem is once it’s installed not easy to get rid of.