Copy protected movie?

I have a DV camera (Canon MV900) and a Samsung DVD/VCR Combo Recorder (VR320). I use a firewire cable to burn the DV material to my combo recorder. The strange thing is that every time I record something with my DV camera in widescreen format I cant copy the material and the text “You cannot record a copy protected movie” pops up on my TV screen. How can that be? It’s my own material I’m trying to copy. On the other hand if I use the standard format when shooting with my camera the burn process works smoothly.

It’s looks like my Samsung recorder interpret signals from the DV camera as copy protected material. On the other hand if I copy to the VCR part of the combo recorder it works.

Does anyone have a clue why I’m having this problems with the DVD part of my combo recorder?

I use a firewire cable for this and I’m thinking of puting a firewire card in my computer instead and put the material right into my hard drive instead. Is there any chance that I would end up with the same problem with copy protection and all that?

For me it seems unlogical if every DVD or Computer would interpret my material as copy protected when it’s not, it’s just filmed in the widescreen format.

It could be your SAMSUNG DVD/VCR recorder is paranoid. :bigsmile:
The reason this happens is because your source may produce a Copy Protected signal. It happens.

i have same problem with recording fights and pay per veiw movies on dvd vr320 from foxtell(cable tv) but i can record 90 per cent of programs on foxtel they send signal randomly so you loose a blank dvd in proces
i have seen devices that remove the extra signal sent though rf /scart cables that gives you your erors