Copy Protected LVW-5045

I bought a dvd recorder for my tv but when i try to record some films it comes up Protected Content is there any way i can overide this?

I have a lite on lvw- 5045 and I live in Australia.

Can anybody Please Help ASAP

Many THanks in Advance

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That ‘Protected Content’ message basically means that the recorder has detected a copy-protection signal in the broadcast, such as Macrovision. Copy-protection is not just limited to DVD and VHS as it can be found on cable, satellite and sometimes even terrestrial TV broadcasts, especially when showing movies.

As the LVW-5045 is less sensitive to falsely detecting noise in the picture as copy-protection, this is a clear indication that the channels you are trying to record from use some form of copy protection. The only way you can overcome this issue is with 3rd party modified firmware where the copy-protection checking has been removed or with a video conditioning box (if you don’t want to risk using unofficial firmware).

See this article for obtaining modified firmware for the LVW-5045. However, be warned that using unofficial firmware will likely invalidate any warranty on your DVD recorder, just like with using modified firmware on an PC DVD writer. :rolleyes:

Hi there, im new to this forum and would love your help please? I live in England and have a lite on 5045 hdd dvd recorder and i want to record copy protected vhs videos from my stand alone video player. When i try i get the ‘protected content’ message, what i want to know is is it possible to download software to make my 5045 record this video and, if so, will it wipe my hard drive? Many thanks in advance-Craigten ps- i dont mind about invalidating the warranty!!

If you are going to use a stand alone VHS player you can use a digital video stabilizer. The cost is about $20 US. You can look here to find out what it is.
MCM Electronics part no. 80-4280. The other thing you can use is a Sima and it sells for about $100 US at BEST BUY. Hope this helpped you a little bit.